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The Crossing Place by Heinrich and Palmer

December 17, 20212:11 pm

The Crossing Place: An installation by Heinrich & Palmer

25th November 2021 – 15th January 2022
‘The Crossing Place’ is a scaled down version of a large scale sound and light projection taking place at Doncaster Minster between 25th and 28th November, which has been developed specially for the DN Festival of Light.
Using 3D laser scanning technology as well as projection and lighting effects, Heinrich & Palmer have drawn on the museum’s rich taxidermy collection to create a landscape of fantastical creatures, where predators and prey exist peacefully side to by side as luminous bodies of light.
The soundscape developed specifically for the film weaves together sounds recorded at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park with musical elements specially composed and mixed to express the movement and potential dramas playing out between the different creatures.
The exhibition has been created by the artists with assistance from Heritage Doncaster and The Yorkshire Wildlife Park, and was commissioned by Right up our Street.
Right Up Our Street is an Arts Council England and DMBC funded project for Doncaster, the project is all about people across Doncaster borough choosing, making, seeing and sharing great art, and that includes everything from the visual arts, music and theatre right through to dance, radio, poetry and more. It’s also about maximising community involvement and making sure this art is relevant and happens in surprising locations and exciting ways.
Written by Robyn