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The Central Library and Children’s Library now have a new home in the Danum Gallery, Library and Museum. There is a great selection of books to choose from, including novels, factual books, maps, large print, and audio CDs. Books are also available throughout the building with a selection of themed books in the Rail Heritage Centre and art books in the Art Gallery. Browse and select books from home in our online catalogue.

When returning books we have a brand new SmartShelf, all you need to do as you enter the building is place your books on the returns shelf and it will check them in for you. When you are ready to check out your new selection of items, there are four new self-service kiosks available throughout the library. Don’t worry if you need help using our returns or self-service kiosks, staff will be on hand.

In the main library we have a sweeping bank of ten public access computers. If you prefer to sit elsewhere in the building, we do have public laptops and tablets available as well as six tablets in the café.  In the Children’s Library we have dedicated computers and five Kindles for younger readers.

Our Go Create area is a space for children and young people to get creative with colouring supplies, Lego™, and other fun activities.

Printing is available from all computers and laptops. Photocopying and meeting rooms are also available throughout the building. Many online resources are also available to library members.

Find out more about library services and resources on the Doncaster Libraries website.

Photograph showing a small stage in the shape of a an open book decorated with a silhouette of a young girl

The Children’s Library features a group reading stage