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Behind the original façade of the historic Doncaster Girls High School lies a vast collection of artefacts revealing the story of Doncaster’s past. Have fun playing with interactives, touching tactile museum objects, and taking a closer look at artefacts digitally in Doncaster’s brand new museum. Perfect for a family day out, an outing with friends, or a solo trip to explore the history of one of England’s oldest towns.

Journey through Doncaster’s past as a Roman settlement, market town and industrial powerhouse. Discover the famous people who came from the area and learn about the town’s part in national and international events.

The museum reveals how Doncaster’s rich natural environment has changed through time. Find out how Doncaster’s natural resources have been used by humans to build industries, transport routes, and communities. Explore wild Doncaster and discover the animals that have made the area’s rivers, peatlands, woodlands, and gardens their home.

Made up entirely of objects loaned by the people of Doncaster, don’t miss the Museum of You. The objects in this space change regularly and currently share the story of local people’s experiences of 2020.