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Virtual Tour

Virtually step inside the Danum Gallery Library and Museum. This self-guided tour covers all four floors of the building as well as the outside and even some aerial footage. Take your time to explore the building in advance of your in-person visit, or just to have a peek inside from the comfort of your own home.

Stop and view the links to the many guided tours, additional clips and information that will give you a real feel for the building and its contents.

To get the most from the tour:

  • follow the arrows that will take you in, and out, of the building or up and down the stairs
  • look for the small info points (circles with the letter i in them) and click on them to find out more
  • use the floor plan  – in the bottom left of your screen – to navigate the building level by level
  • return to the main staircase using the floor plan should you wish to explore a different part of the building
  • use the floor plan to decide which bits you want to explore first and click the orange circle on the plan relevant to each part of the building

Doncaster Council acknowledges and is grateful for the expertise of Willmott Dixon, in producing the site survey for this online preview tour.

Please note that this film was made in early 2021 during Covid-19 restrictions. The people involved, the film crew and all staff members were subject to Covid measures including rapid flow testing, distancing and the use of PPE. All precautions were used to keep everyone involved in this process safe and to prevent the spread of the virus.